Hidden treasures construction company

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Hidden treasures construction company

This is part of the great loess plateau-country of northern China created by the dust of ground-down mountains far to the west. It has been blown for millenia to form a layer of special soil, loess, in places hundreds of feet thick.

This region is the cradle of Chinese civilization. It was here that Late Stone Age people began to develop the culture that evolved into the Chinese civilization.

Hidden treasures construction company

When irrigated, these loess soils are some of the most fertile soil in the world and are highly erodable. Although the climate has never been benign it was a desirable place to live. Five thousand years of farming has crafted a landscape of terraced fields which rise in ranks to the summit of every hill.

They are dissected by deep ravines and nowadays peppered with red-tiled villages. It is pretty country. It is the valley of Hidden treasures construction company Wei, the largest tributary of the Hu Yellow river. In the 3rd century BCE the Chin dynasty created a large and efficient irrigation system, based around two large canals at the junction of the Ching and Wei rivers.

This system, watered somehectares and provided the powerful economic base for the Ch'in's eventual conquest of the whole of China and helped provide the labour for construction of the Great Wall. When the Han dynasty dissolved in 9 CE a long period of disunity followed.

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Around the 4th century a group of Turkic tribesmen, the Toba, moved into this region. They conquered the small weak north China states and assumed for themselves the ancient name of Wei.

Bythe Northern Wei had secured their territories from attack and unified all of North China. As so often happened in Chinese history the conquerors became seduced by Chinese luxury.

Impressed by the aristocratic style and aura of distinction of Chinese nobles many families, including the imperial house, adopted Chinese surnames and endeavoured to rewrite history by disowning anything relating to their non-Chinese origins.

Their enthusiastic adoption of Buddhism led to a backlash with suppression off monasteries and full scale persecution only to be followed by an emperor who reversed these trends.

The greatest cultural contribution of the Wei dynasty was in Buddhist art. It is likely that several Wei emperors gave gifts to the temple. Unfortunately none still exist at Famen Si, but cave grottoes at Maji Shan, Yun-kang and Lung-men clearly show the high level of Wei art.

A reformed conqueror, his conversion to Buddhism was of great historic importance. He encouraged the new faith throughout his lands as well as the wide distribution of Buddha's relics. Relics, [sarira] in the form of bones were usually enshrined beneath a stupa.

In India the stupa, which pre-dated Buddhism, was a large hemispherical mound with a central mast crowned by canopies. In China, the presence of Han dynasty multi-storyed watch towers probably influenced the development of the stupa, which transformed itself to become the Chinese pagoda.

The temple of Famen was one of only four in all China which were supposed to contain actual relics of the historical Buddha and it is the only one where the actual structure and the relics have survived to the present day.The combination of design and superb construction of the Hidden Treasures really tie the room together!

by Barbara Clayton. 5. After reading other reviews, I'm having some fun thinking of unique ways to utilize my Hidden Treasures Table. The Table is a given.

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Hidden treasures construction company

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