Essays on the sacred hoop by paula gunn allen

Paula Gunn Allen As a scholar and literary critic, Paula Gunn Allen born has worked to encourage the publication of Native American literature and to educate others about its themes, contexts, and structures. Having stated that her convictions can be traced back to the woman-centered structures of traditional Pueblo society, she is active in American feminist movements and in antiwar and antinuclear organizations.

Essays on the sacred hoop by paula gunn allen

The Sacred Hoop The Sacred Hoop, by Paula Gunn Allen is an amazingly introspective look at the roles that American Indian women play in their families and tribes throughout a gynocentric culture. Through reading this text which is actually a compilation of several works by different people we are able to compare and contrast the ways, beliefs, cultures, rituals, and traditions that exist between Indians and non-Indians.

In some aspects, we see that women, in their most basic form which is also quite complex hold the same abilities and powers no matter what their blood is.

Essays on the sacred hoop by paula gunn allen

The modern American Indian woman is induced with this struggle as she tries to mix both the past and present histories of tribal women into her current existence. Something that seems essential to American Indians is a sense of tradition, therefore, in a modern day woman, we see the effort of trying to mix two worlds together.

Allen proves in The Sacred Hoop that many Indian women are capable of doing such things, and maybe the historical roles of women actually put modern Indians at an advantage when it comes to living lives which they would choose over those that American society may choose for them.

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An example of this is the acceptance of multiple gender roles within one person. Lesbianism is something commonly accepted in Indian tribes, as the people see this as a way of transcending and understanding that most people do not have.

Tribes see this as a gift, rather than the curse that many Americans correspond to living a gay life. Yet this is only one example out of many that Allen uses to show the roles that are taken and accepted within American Indian lives of women.

Allen also speaks about American Indian traditions held in things such as novel writing, dancing, visions, and family ties. The Sacred Hoop is a wonderful source for those who are curious about the inner weavings of cultures within American Indians, and it gives a deeper sense of understanding and acceptance of these cultures to Indians and non-Indians alike.

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Related This entry was posted on March 24, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.Paula Gunn Allen, Laguna, Sioux and Lebanese, is a poet, novelist and critic. She was born in Cubero, New Mexico, the middle of 5 children, having 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.

Paula Gunn Allen was born in and grew up on Cubero Land Grant in New Mexico.

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She received her Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico, in Allen is a well known feminist writer who is highly praised for her creative scholarly works, which promote Native American literature as a viable and rich source of study.

Paula Gunn Allen (October 24, – May 29, ) was a Native American poet, literary critic, activist, professor, and novelist. Of mixed-race European-American, Native American, and Arab-American descent, she identified with the Laguna Pueblo of her childhood years, the culture in which she had grown adriaticoutfitters.comtion: Poet, novelist.

Paula Gunn Allen An excerpt from Allen's The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions (), a book of political and cultural criticism that argues for the recognition of Native women's political and cultural presence in pre-assimilation Native life.

In the burgeoning field of contemporary Native American literature, Paula Gunn Allen is a foremost literary critic, scholar, writer, and educator.

Essays on the sacred hoop by paula gunn allen

Her germinal essay, "The Sacred Hoop: A Contemporary Perspective,". Paula Gunn Allen, born in , is a Native American born and raised in Cubero, NM (Allen, ). She died of lung cancer on May 29, in Fort Bragg, CA (Allen, ). She is the daughter of E. Lee Francis, a Lebanese American and Ethel Francis, a Laguna Pueblo, Sioux and Scots (Allen, ).

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